Friday, February 3, 2012

My View Today

This month, I will be doing a photo challenge. Each day I will take a picture, ideally with the "big camera", that fits the theme of the day. I will post the picture I choose, along with any runner ups I happen to capture to my facebook, and on here. I will complete the entire month, but due to the whole giving birth to the guy currently taking up residence in my uterus, I may not do all of them on the day I'm "supposed" too. I can't wait to see how different the pictures are I take are from the ones my friends are taking of the "same" things.

The first one was "My View Today"
Honestly, I barely left the house. And that was really only because Miss Jessica, who is also doing this photo challenge, invited me to the park with her son. Javvy and I were happy to go. I used that oppurtunity to get in my view of the day. The image I came up with was the J-Man digging in a hole.

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