Sunday, March 17, 2013

March Who Madness Day 17

 Day 17: Least favorite actor
I'm sure there's someone I like less, and I don't have anything major against Noel Clarke, but he's the best choice I can think of today.


March Who Madness Day 16

Day 16: Favorite Actor
Do I have to keep saying how hard it is to choose favorites? And least favorites for that matter? It's usually quite dificult. I think I have to choose David Tennant.


Friday, March 15, 2013

March Who Madness Days 9-15

Day 10: Saddest Episode
The one where Rory falls through the crack. And also Amy who is sad, but can't remember why she's sad because Rory no longer exists.

Day 11: Funniest Episode
There are soo many funny moments. and those stick out more than the whole episode. At least they do at a quarter til midnight. At the moment what sticks out (possibly because I just watched it) is Voyage of the Damned when Clive Swift is sharing Earth history and knowledge, all a little off from reality.

Day 12: Episode That Scared You The Most
There have been several scary moments but what sticks out in my mind is The Dream Master. Even rewatching the episode it's a nailbiter where I wonder if they'll figure out which world is the real world.

Day 13: Favorite Theme Song
I'm not sure about variations before the present series. They're definitely all Dr Who and I like them. But I think if I chose one it would be the second one of the new series. From 2008.

Day 14:Character that you like that everyone else hates
I was asking someone to list off characters people generally dislike. Apparently Amy Pond is relatively high on this list? What's not to love about Amy?

Day 15: Most annoying character
Jackie Tyler. I think she's a good character. I don't think I"d change her, and she's had some great moments. But she is definitely annoying.


Saturday, March 9, 2013

March Who Madness 1-9

Day 1: Favorite Doctor
I'm sure this will be a theme over the next 30 "days" but I'm pretty terrible at choosing one favorite/least favorite. I love all three of the modern doctors in their own way, however, I think if I chose just one I"d have to choose the ninth doctor. I'm really sad we only had him for one season. You really should have seen how angry I was when he regenerated it's a good thing I was watching on Netflix and not in real time.

Day 2: Favorite Companion

Day 3: Least Favorite Companion
This is quite a bit easier. Martha. She just doesn't appeal to me in the way other companions do. I like the Doctor traveling with a doctor, but overall I could live without her.

Day 4: Favorite Villian
There are some great villains and there are several I'm rather fond of, but this is still an easier category for me. The weeping angels. They're just marvelous villains!

Day 5: Favorite Alien
 Is it cheating to say Time Lord?  I'm going to say Time Lord. In case that's cheating I'll also say sontarans.

Day 6: Favorite Special Episode
I don't even know for sure which ones all the special episodes are! There are a couple that come to mind that I'm either fairly certain or postive are special, but I think I'll say The Snowmen. This is at least in part because I'm anxious to see what happens next. It would have been so much fun to watch this with someone else.

Day 7: Favorite Season
Again, I really can't choose one. Season 4 and 5 are my favorite.

Day 8: Least Favorite Season
Martha's season. Again, it just isn't the same to me. Only okay.

Day 9:  Favorite Master
Harold Saxon. But t his is at least partly because I've only seen the new Doctor Who.