Thursday, September 1, 2011

First Post

So, I've finally actually created a blog. There seems to be a lot of stuff worth documenting lately. And undoubtedly many things to come as well. We have a pregnancy to write about, our first duty station, a new dog, the old cat, etc. And I know I'll really enjoy having all these memories filed away to revisit.

I think I"m going to start with a little bit of "catch up" because one of the reasons I finally committed to this is Javelin. He's a sweet boy with several interesting stories lately.

First Javvy Story: "Houdini Dog" In July, just a couple weeks after we adopted him, we took a small trip to Albuquerque. Husband and I spent the first day separately-he was at a concert. When I left to pick him up, Javvy somehow escaped our hotel room. They had lever door knobs and he managed to push down on it, and pull enough to be able to walk (run?) out the door. The door opened inwards. Luckily someone else staying there found him and called us from his tag. I would have been really sad if he disappeared for good. 

More recently I gave him a water bottle to play with. He usually isn't very interested in them but this time he was. When I was cleaning and came across the bottle later, it was in two parts. The bottle. And the lid. He managed to unscrew (not chew) the cap off the bottle.

We also bought him one of the super bones. He goes through smaller rawhides so fast, we were hoping he would make this one last a bit longer. He's had it almost a week, and the bone is kicking his butt! He just barely got the first knot off. But he holds it in both paws and caught on his "thumb" nail. He will also carry it around and it's very cute, because it is actually pretty large in comparison to him.

Less cute after we got home from visiting home, he started eating our blinds. His "uncle" Jake must have told him about it, because he never used to do such things. It seems we might be over that hump, although it may just be that we haven't replaced our blinds yet, so he doesn't have anything to chew on.

I'm continually amazed at how smart he is, how well behaved he is (he just came that way), and how fast he has managed to wriggle himself into a very special place in my heart. I really love my Jabberwocky and all his quirky things.