Monday, February 6, 2012

10AM, Dinner, and life at home

 10 AM- for those who don't know me there are a couple things you should in order to truly appreciate this picture. 
1. I'm the exact opposite of a morning person. I'm a night person. 10 am is a time I see quite regularly, but it almost always involves pajamas and coffee (or tea). And/or slothlike movement. I like to ease into my day. I'm sure this will change once baby joins us.
2. I'm notoriously not on time. Like ever. IDK how I manage it, even when I'm trying really hard I run late. Thus the time actually reads was close. I actually purposely waited for 1022 though because 1022 is a time that seems to always get noticed both AM and PM in our household.
 Dinner-this is what we ate for dinner tonight. It's a new recipe for chicken pot pie I found. It turned out pretty tasty. and actually not too bad looking. I cheated on the pastry topper-it's just crescent rolls.
Lastly, this is JMan again. He's not very happy because it looks like an army surplus store threw up in my living room. This actually isn't that bad as far as army vomit goes, but it's the first time JMan has experienced it. He's pretty sure he's not liking it one bit-and he's right. He's going to miss "Dad" while he's gone.
Not only that, this is what the time frame generally looks like:
B will go to the field until it's time for me to have Ramzy.
While B is in the field, we may have a couple visitors. He doesn't mind visitors, but it will be another change in the normal routine which I don't think he'll like.
I will go into labor, B will come home, we will definitely have at least one visitor, my doula, if she's not here already.
We will leave for the hospital.
We will come back with a new guy.
Life will never be the same again (in a good way), but it will take quite a bit of adjusting for the JMan, and actually for the Catador too. (And mom and dad)

I can't believe we're already this close to having a baby. My doctor seems to think there's a good chance that there's a baby in next week's forecast! I can't believe we're already this close to having Ramzy with us. It's not that I feel unprepared, because I truly feel like we're ready whenever he is. It just seems like the past several weeks flew by! We've been knocking of things from the "last time before baby comes" list like crazy! For instance, this was our last weekend together, last doctor's appointment together, last trip to ihop/cold stone together etc, without baby.

And this truly is the last thing, because it needs to be documented somewhere:
B and I went to the commissary tonight. We had the week's groceries and a few extra things such as dog food to buy. Pedigree had an offer for a free bag of dog food and four free cans of wet dog food if you adopted a dog in 2011. We sent off for the coupons and somehow ended up with  two sets. We went ahead and bought two 30lb bags of food and 8 cans of wet food retailing 45.90. With the coupons they were free. So we go to the checkout line-there's literally no wait, we go through the checkout process, hand the cashier our coupons, and the register ends up flipping out over the coupons wanting manager overrides etc which is relatively understandable. I'm pretty sure we stopped traffic flow which resulted in a super long line, a committee of 2-3 managers at our register, and the computer shutting down while we're trying to figure it out. So they have to reboot that register and send us to another line. Luckily in that line it went pretty quickly. The original cashier and our bagger both said they'd never seen anything like that happen before with the register. B says I"m 100% responsible.