Friday, March 15, 2013

March Who Madness Days 9-15

Day 10: Saddest Episode
The one where Rory falls through the crack. And also Amy who is sad, but can't remember why she's sad because Rory no longer exists.

Day 11: Funniest Episode
There are soo many funny moments. and those stick out more than the whole episode. At least they do at a quarter til midnight. At the moment what sticks out (possibly because I just watched it) is Voyage of the Damned when Clive Swift is sharing Earth history and knowledge, all a little off from reality.

Day 12: Episode That Scared You The Most
There have been several scary moments but what sticks out in my mind is The Dream Master. Even rewatching the episode it's a nailbiter where I wonder if they'll figure out which world is the real world.

Day 13: Favorite Theme Song
I'm not sure about variations before the present series. They're definitely all Dr Who and I like them. But I think if I chose one it would be the second one of the new series. From 2008.

Day 14:Character that you like that everyone else hates
I was asking someone to list off characters people generally dislike. Apparently Amy Pond is relatively high on this list? What's not to love about Amy?

Day 15: Most annoying character
Jackie Tyler. I think she's a good character. I don't think I"d change her, and she's had some great moments. But she is definitely annoying.