Friday, February 3, 2012


 This was my first attempt at the super awesome book for "words". I actually really wish I could have found the quote book or been in my Twins "quote room" for this project. It would be have been closer to what I wanted. I also wanted the Catador to be "reading" this book...he clearly had other ideas.
 This is what I'm considering my actual challenge photo. Extra points to anyone who guesses which book this is. There was no particular significance of this book over most others. It was just the first "good book" I saw on the shelf.
 The other three were taken with my phone, which defeats the reason why I took part in the challenge anyways. But I really loved this "Family". I just had to capture it. It turned out so much better than I imagined it would. It's possible that I should have chosen it for my challenge pic. But again, main purpose, for me, was to practice with the "big camera"
 I couldn't resist. I am a little emotional these days. But I think that's to be expected.
Finally, the last one, again this is more about the words than the image. It was my fortune cookie last night. I think it refers to my son in one way or another. He will have an ocean nursery after all. I'm hoping it means there's a cruise in my near future though! We'll see!

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